Educational Game
for MYAP $%^&ing
Hackathon Raptors 2024
23.06 — 30.06
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Welcome to Hackathon Raptors 2024: Interactive Educational Game for [MYAP] *****ing
Welcome to a new Hackathon Raptors hackathon.

Join us on June 23, 2024, to celebrate the birthday of Alan Turing, a prominent figure in mathematics, cryptography, and computer science.

Turing's impact on computer science cannot be overstated. His scientific discoveries and inventions have formed the basis for various technologies used worldwide, and his legacy continues to inspire scientists and engineers around the world.
This Turing Day hackathon is dedicated to fostering innovation and creativity. The main focus of the competition will be Interactive Educational Game for [MYAP] $%^&*ing.

Once again, referring to Turing's biography, we intentionally encrypted one part in the hackathon name and hid the other to allow participants to solve this riddle by getting a generalized understanding of the problem, but without being able to start the work in advance. At the hackathon start time, a full description of the task will be given and teams will be able to enter a fair competition!
The hackathon will be in a web format, which will unite teams from different countries. It is suitable for a wide range of specialists: web developers, software engineers, QA/DevOps/AI/CV specialists, designers, and science enthusiasts.

Our goal is to use the power of technology and games to make education more fun, accessible, and engaging for students of all ages.
Why Participate?
Demonstrate proficiency in software engineering, web development, artificial intelligence, and related fields, showcasing your skills to a global audience. This is your chance to shine and establish yourself as a leader in the field, attracting attention from potential employers, collaborators, and enthusiasts.
1 — Showcase Your Expertise
Collaborate with passionate individuals who share your interests, working together to tackle real-world educational challenges and fostering a spirit of teamwork. By leveraging diverse perspectives and skills, you can create innovative solutions that have a tangible impact on education and beyond, leaving a lasting legacy of collaboration and innovation.
2 — Foster Collaboration
Gain hands-on experience in project management, problem-solving, and teamwork, which are essential for success in any professional setting. Through the challenges and triumphs of the hackathon, you'll refine your ability to communicate, adapt, and execute effectively, setting yourself apart as a versatile and resourceful professional.
3 — Hone Essential Skills
Contribute directly to advancing [SECR] education worldwide, making a meaningful impact in an important field. Your contributions have the potential to shape the future of education, empowering learners of all backgrounds and abilities to thrive in an ever-changing world. This is a unique opportunity to be part of something bigger than yourself.
4 — Contribute to Education
Forge valuable connections with industry professionals, mentors, and peers, expanding your network and opening doors for future collaborations and opportunities. The hackathon provides a unique platform to connect with like-minded individuals who share your passion for technology and education, creating lasting relationships beyond the event.
5 — Networking Opportunities
Earn recognition for your contributions, with the chance to win prizes and accolades for outstanding performance, further boosting your credentials and career prospects. Whether you're a seasoned veteran or a newcomer, the hackathon offers a chance to showcase your talents and be celebrated for your hard work and ingenuity.
6 — Recognition & Prizes
Alan Turing had many seminal ideas and projects. The most famous is the Turing Test for evaluating the artificial intelligence of a computer, the abstract computational Turing Machine. But the most outstanding fact in his career can be called the leadership of the Hut 8 group during World War II, which was engaged in cryptanalysis of messages of the German Navy (Kriegsmarine).

Kriegsmarine commander — Admiral Dönitz — seriously doubted the security of the Enigma. And it's why the fleet has received Enigma M4 (read more about this device in CryptoMuseum), developed especially for their purposes. Turing developed the theoretical basis for Bombe, the machine used to hack Enigma.
This hack name is enc$%^ted with Enigma.
Together with the device itself, the "kenngruppenbuch" with "spaltenliste" also fell into our hands. Our cryptanalysis department is now trying to find the rings. We believe that the ring of rotor-β is in position 1 (A), but we still cannot find the positions of the rings of the other three rotors. Surely, the answer lies in the spaltenliste. But where? One good thing is that Steckerbrett (Plugboard) was not used in the encryption, so we will finally get the answer after matching the rings.
Use the Enigma emulator at this link to solve the problem. To check the correctness of your answer, use the combination we were able to extract from the intercepted radio message: "Turing Day" -> "zjxj omkf l".

Hackathon Raptors got a copy of Enigma, which had the name of the hackathon encrypted on it.
You can identify Umkehrwalze (Reflector) from a background photo. We disassembled the rotors (they were blocked!), and it turned out that the thin rotor peculiar to this Enigma model is labeled — β. The next three interchangeable rotors have serial numbers that mysteriously coincide with the date and month of the start of our hackathon.
Great News?
Winning projects will receive support from the Hackathon Raptors community and the opportunity to showcase their work to a broad audience of potential supporters and collaborators. A generous cash prize of $1000 awaits the first-place winner, $300 for the second, and $200 for third place, adding extra motivation to your impactful contributions.
Let's unite intelligence, initiative, and insight to build a brighter future for all. We can't wait to see the waves of change you'll create during this event, register to join us.
Hackathon Kickstart
Submission Deadline
Announcement of Winners
23 — 30 JUNE
On the start day of the event, participants choose an idea they want to implement and make a small presentation of it, which must be sent no later than midnight.
Elizaveta Borisenko
Front-end developer, designer
@ State Inspectorate for Real Estate Objects Control
Alina Burykina
ML-engineer, back-end developer
@ Mad Devs
Alyssa Semenova
Project manager, analyst
Dmitriy Volynov
Data Engineer & Python Developer
@ Google Developer Student Clubs Volunteer
Whether you're an experienced developer or new to the world, we invite you to participate in this exciting event. Register now to reserve your spot and start assembling your team and brainstorming ideas for your game.
Together with Hackathon Raptors, let's honor Alan Turing's legacy and inspire the next generation of innovators!
The hackathon judging panel comprises highly skilled IT experts with huge expertise in web development and e-learning. Candidates with diverse experience are prioritized, as they can offer constructive feedback aligned with the event's goals.
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